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If you smoke, you do not smell the tobacco in the car, but if you are not a smoker and have get in a car from a relative who smokes two packs a day, the smell will bother you. Here is how you remove the smell.Here 's how:1. Wash your car 's interior including carpeting, upholstery and carpets using a shampoo that eliminates odor, available at household stores.

2. Wash all surfaces that can be cleaned with the same shampoo. Place a small amount directly on a sponge and rub then wipe. 3. Clean all windows inside with a cleaning solution. Repeat the procedure if necessary. 4 buy electronic cigarettes stores uk.

Sprinkle baking soda on dry carpet, rubbing with your hands. Wait a week and then turn off the unit. 5. Clean leather with a spray solution available to auto dealers and household goods stores. 6. Clean the ashtray with the vacuum to remove ashes. Place a small amount of baking soda or sand ashtray to absorb odors.

Tips* To freshen the smell of car seats keep as dry sheets, or hold a small piece of charcoal in a container intact (such as a jar with small holes in the lid). * Whenever possible keep the windows open when you smoke. * You may need to replace the roof lining if you can not remove the smell of smoke.Notice!* Cigarette smoke can be extremely difficult to remove. If you fail consider alternative car carrying a professional cleaning. * Car air fresheners may cover the smell of smoke, but not remove it.

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